The nursery has large well-equipped playrooms which are designed for particular child age groups.

The Baby Room caters for children under 2 years old. The main playroom area has an attractive layout incorporating our ‘baby gym’.  Other areas in the room include a sensory area, snuggly book corner and room for messy play activities. The Baby room has an integral milk kitchen; separate changing room and a quieter sleeping area for nap-time. The Baby room has its own garden area where there is space to practice walking and running, learn to use the trikes and enjoy clambering and climbing.  There are raised beds for the children to help with planting flowers and vegetables.  The Baby garden is also home for our pet rabbits.

Our Being 2 Room, as its title suggests is an area where children focus on ‘being 2’.There are different areas within the room to allow for the many exciting activities on offer, such as sand ; water and messy play; books; role play and construction.  During their time in Being 2 the children are encouraged to develop their independence by learning and practising new skills.  Children are involved in serving their own snacks and lunches, practice dressing skills and often start to toilet train during this time.  In addition to the many indoor activities on offer, the children play outside in our large garden areas every day, allowing opportunities to develop their large motor skills with lots of equipment including the familiar bats, balls, trikes and bikes.

The PreSchool Room is dedicated to children who have turned three years old and are beginning their preparation for school entry.  The children continue to access a wide variety of exciting activities whilst practising their independence skills.  They are encouraged to self serve snacks, drinks and meals and make choices about their experiences and environment.  The staff plan to provide different activities, the children are able to express their wishes to change the provision to flow with the interests at the moment.  We spend time outside every session – enjoying all the differing weather conditions.  The children are able to dig, plant and tend seedlings.  Fostering an early interest in the outdoors environment can create exciting learning opportunities – finding out about nature, life cycles and the natural world. There is also plenty of opportunity to develop physical skills such as balancing, running, climbing, jumping, catching etc by using the wide range of equipment on offer.  The garden is also home to our ducks for whom the children assist in feeding and caring for.  The duck eggs are often incorporated into the nursery menu.

Being ‘school ready’ is a major focus in our Pre-school room – but what does that mean?

When your child starts in Reception it will be a more comfortable transition experience if they are competent in self-care. These skills are given high importance in our pre-school through a variety of means incorporated into the session activities the children are encouraged to learn how to:

Be independent using the toilet

Feed themselves

Wash their hands

Use a tissue to wipe / blow their nose

Dressing and undressing skills

Tidy up

Develop social skills

Communication skills

Make choices

Some of the most important skills which our staff work towards are to help the children to develop a curiosity to learn; to persevere when things don’t go to plan and to be open to different ways of learning.