Sun Safety

Please be aware that the Met office have issued an Amber warning  for the heat next week, 17th July onwards.  The following information has been taken from the Cancer Research UK page.

Sun safety information


30 hour funding codes

If your child is eligible for 30 hours funding, please ensure that you renew your code before 31st August 2022 to enable claims for Autumn term 2022.


Weather Watch

Please ensure that your child has sun cream and a hat during the Summer in addition to a raincoat (we know that British summer can throw all sorts of weather at us!)



As you may be aware we had an inspection in March.  A copy of the report can be viewed here:

We are working hard to redress the grade before Ofsted return.


30 hour funding codes

If your child is eligible for 30 hours funding, please ensure that you renew your code before 31st March 2022 to enable claims for Summer term 2022.


Weather Watch

As the weather changes and becomes colder and wetter, please would you ensure that you provide warm / waterproof outdoor clothes. The children play outside – whatever the weather – so we need to ensure they are warm and dry to enable them to enjoy themselves.  Extra spare clothes in their bag is useful too as splashing in puddles sometimes wets us even through our coats…

Thank you.



November 2020

Baby Room Newsletter

We hope this newsletter finds all our families well.

This term has been a very busy term for our babies who have enjoyed taking part in many activities to celebrate festivals and special days such as Guy Fawkes & Bonfire night where they did mark making with chalk to represent the fireworks and Diwali.

For Remembrance Day, they painted their own poppy fields and we have been doing lots of singing with actions throughout Nursery Rhyme week. A particular favourite being “Old MacDonald” as a lot of our focus this term has been on learning about farm animals using books, puzzles, and the small world area.

Very soon we shall be starting all our exciting and sparkling Christmas activities.

At this crazy time unfortunately, we will not be able to have our usual parent’s evening. Instead this term we will sending the contents of your child’s learning journal home for you to view and keep.

We will be sending home your child’s progress Summary for you to read and then to please return it back to Nursery signed, and with any comments you have. If you would like a follow up phone call to ask any questions you might have – please let a member of the baby room team know when they are taking your contact details. Please also look out for a questionnaire in your inbox that will follow shortly afterwards.

Reminders & Date for your diaries:

  • Please keep your children at home if they are unwell. They will be sent home if they come into Nursery unwell.
  • As winter is approaching please can you remember to provide warm clothes and Wellies for outdoor play.
  • If you would like your child to be brushing their teeth at Nursery, could you please provide a new toothbrush and toothpaste to be kept here.

Nursery is closed: 24th, 25th, 28th December and 1st January 2021.

Thank you

Jill, Maria & Tracy


Being Two Room Newsletter

Thank you to everyone who supported Children in Need by dressing up and donating.

We have had a busy autumn term, we have enjoyed a Space themed month, celebrated Bonfire Night, Diwali and Remembrance Day and we will soon be getting ready to celebrate Christmas and New year.   We have reintroduced the ‘kitchen skills’ sessions, so children will be taking part in activities that may require chopping, weighing, mixing.  For the remainder of this term, children will be making Gingerbread biscuits.

From September, we have changed the way we complete children’s learning journals to ensure our priority is spending time with the children, rather than completing paperwork, this means that the learning journals are now more of an assessment tool and may look slightly different to what you are used to seeing.

As we are unable to hold parents evening, this term we will be sending the children’s learning journals home for you to look at, we will send home the termly progress summary for you to read, comment and sign and then return to nursery, and we will then follow this up with a phone call and email questionnaire.


  • One parent per family should be on site at a time, and remember to social distance from others.
  • Please only enter and exit nursery via the front gate, the side gate (leading to St. Oswalds) must not be used.
  • Please do not use mobile phones whilst on site – this is for safeguarding reasons.
  • If your child is unwell please do not bring them to nursery but call or email to let us know.

Term Dates;

Funded sessions are available up to, and including, 16th December 2020.

Nursery is closed 24th – 28th December, reopening 29th December, closed 1st January 2021.

Nursery reopens 4th January 2021, including funded sessions.

Please follow our Facebook page, ‘Blue Windmill Nursery’, this page is updated regularly

so you can see a bit more of what is happening in nursery.


Sunshines and Rainbows News

Thank you to everyone who took part in our fancy-dress day for Children in Need and to all of you who were able to donate. Our children participated in different Pudsey bear activities throughout the day.

We have been busy this term, celebrating festivals such as bonfire night, Diwali and other special events, including Road Safety week and Nursery Rhyme week. The children have enjoyed taking part in a variety of activities, such as unusual ways of painting to explore different effects.

Rainbow’s showed particular interest in the story of Rama and Sita to celebrate Diwali, and Sunshine’s enjoyed the Super Cat’s Road Safety story. Both groups were able to recall different parts of the story.

We have enjoyed exploring Autumn and using the rakes outside to make huge piles of leaves to jump in and throw about!

We are looking forward to starting our Christmas celebrations.

A few little changes…

As some of you may know, we have changed the way we record information in children’s learning journals. We are now spending the majority of our time with the children, so because of this, the folders are now used more of an assessment tool for us, to track their development and identify if they need any extra support.

We will also be sending home the children’s learning journals termly for you to keep at home. As well as this, we will also be sending artwork home regularly and we will still be taking photographs of the children.

Please expect to receive your child’s progress summary in the coming weeks. Please can you return this to nursery with some feedback in the comments box as we will not be having a parents evening this year because of COVID-19. If you would like a follow up phone call after you have read the progress checks, this can be arranged and staff in the room will be asking you for up to date contact numbers and email addresses.


  • Can we please remind you that only one parent should be bringing their child to nursery because of the ongoing pandemic.
  • Please keep your children at home if they are unwell.
  • The school have requested that our families do not use the side gate to ensure safe social distancing. Please be mindful of this.
  • Please provide warm clothing and wellies for the winter months.
  • We will be re-introducing teeth brushing during our sessions so if you would like your child to participate, please provide a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Dates for your diary:

  • 16th December 2020 End of term for children accessing funded sessions
  • 04th January 2021 – 31st March 2021 Spring term
  • 19th April 2021 – 16th July 2021 Summer Term

Nursery will be closed on the following dates:

  • 24th, 25th, 28th December and 1st January 2021