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The following are extracts from the published report of our latest Ofsted inspection, carried out on 24 May 2010:

The overall effectiveness of the early years provision: Overall the quality of the provision is good. The setting offers an exciting and positive environment where children are fully included in a wide range of stimulating activities. They benefit from good partnerships between staff and parents. Children enjoy a varied range of experiences and achieve well. The manager and staff clearly identify where their strengths and areas for improvement lie and demonstrate a good commitment to continued improvement

The quality and standards of the early years provision and outcomes for children: Children are happy and settled at the pre-school. They are cared for by competent, well-motivated staff. They have valuable opportunities to learn and achieve well across all areas of learning. Activities are well-planned for indoor and outdoor environments.

Children's behaviour is excellent, because staff have high expectations and are excellent role models. They are encouraged to be independent and confident in their choice of activity and share resources sensibly. They enjoy each other's company and play well together.

Children are developing an excellent understanding of keeping healthy. They thoroughly enjoy tasting food from a range of cultures at their 'World Food Day'. In particular, they like sampling rice and peas and chicken from the Caribbean, and Latvian apple cake. They learn how to make healthy choices at snack time because they have an excellent understanding of keeping well and enjoy choosing healthy toppings for their pizzas. They learn that it is important to exercise through riding their pedalled vehicles, throwing and kicking balls and dancing to music. They have a good understanding of staying safe and staff care for them very well without inhibiting their independence. They explore aspects of road safety and benefit from talks on staying safe. Staff ensure they handle tools correctly and manage apparatus safely.

Children like being at the setting. They are encouraged to choose their own activities and their personal, social and emotional development is promoted very well. They are keen to explore and investigate the sand and water trays. They listen well to stories such as 'The Gruffalo' and enjoy painting flags of the world for their displays. Most children can count to ten and beyond and identify most shapes. They develop their creative skills well as they build models (such as space ships) and paint symmetrical pictures. They like painting self-portraits and experimenting with pasta and paint. They enjoy fundraising, trips and visits, for example to the Sea Life Centre. Overall, children are prepared well for their next stage in learning.

The effectiveness of leadership and management of the early years provision: Staff have an excellent understanding of safeguarding issues and child protection procedures. They are deployed effectively and the children are very well supervised in a robustly safe and secure setting. Evacuation procedures are practised regularly so that children become familiar with the routine. There are robust collection procedures in place which are carefully followed by parents and carers. There are also robust recruitment and vetting procedures in place to ensure the suitability of all staff working with the children. Staff regularly undertake risk assessments to ensure children's safety.

Partnerships with parents and carers are good and children benefit from the care and support they receive. Feedback from parents indicates that staff are welcoming and supportive. They say that their children enjoy coming to the nursery. Useful information is shared with the parents through informal discussions, the notice board and comprehensive newsletters. They are kept well informed of special events, such as the World Food Day, when the children in the pre-school sampled a variety of foods from around the world. Staff keep parents and carers fully informed of their children's achievements and progress. They share their 'All About Me books' and individual learning journeys with them on a regular basis.

Staff are working hard to involve parents in their children's learning and are exploring ways of promoting them as partners. Each room has a 'Wow Moment' board, which is used by parents, carers and staff to add special moments relating to a child's achievements, or events in their lives in or out of the nursery. The setting also benefits from good links with the local school and staff share information effectively with them. The manager and staff have identified the need to develop links with the community. They have already developed links with a home for the elderly, and the residents now enjoy the children's visits and help them to plant sunflower seeds.

The setting is well led and managed. Staff meet regularly and demonstrate a strong commitment to the development of good quality practice in the setting. They clearly identify what works well and outline areas for improvement in their operational plan, such as developing the outdoor environment to include a sensory area and forest school provision. They are also trying to involve all parents more in their children's learning and to develop partnerships with the wider community.

Good progress has been made since the last inspection [in January 2007]. In particular, key staff carry out regular observations of children's progress and work hard to share this information with parents and carers. Staff actively promote equality and diversity to an outstanding level and there is excellent inclusion of children in activities. Excellent care and sensitivity is shown to children with special educational needs and/or disabilities. Staff regularly access relevant training courses and work hard to build on their qualifications. They make imaginative and effective use of resources to meet the needs of the children. They work well together as a team and are keen to implement new ideas and plans.

The report is available in full on the Ofsted site. Click here and enter the search term 'Blue Windmill' to view the full report.

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