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The following are extracts from Ofsted Early Years Inspector Denise Morris' report on a private inspection carried out at the nursery over two days in June 2006.

"The nursery is active in promoting the health of the children in its care. Regular drinks and snacks are provided and meals are prepared and cooked freshly on the premises. There is a balanced menu that provides nutritious meals relevant to the age group of the children. Children value this, and eat well."

"The nursery provision is safe and protects children from harm and neglect well. Daily checks ensure that systems are safe, and senior staff monitor these. Regular risk assessment is part of everyday life. There are regular fire practices and good links with the local fire protection team. The procedures for child protection are good. Health and safety policies are good."

"Children really enjoy coming to the nursery and they take part in the many exciting activities provided for them. Relationships are positive and children quickly learn to engage well with their key workers and other children."

"The Birth to Three Framework is developing well, whilst pre-school children benefit from appropriate links to the Foundation Stage curriculum. The strong support received by the nursery from outside agencies, such as the local advisory teacher, is having a very positive impact on provision overall."

"Children are made welcome at each session in the nursery. Staff make a concerted effort to greet each child individually as they arrive. They show respect for each child's needs and for their likes and dislikes. Consequently, children feel valued and co-operate well in their activities."

"Children's spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is good overall, with particularly strong social experiences. Children show mature attitudes to sharing and turn taking. They are particularly well mannered at meal times, benefiting from very good lunch and teatime arrangements. Opportunities for children to become independent are offered on a regular basis."

"Good resources are in place to promote understanding of different cultures, and the range of foods offered extends children's awareness of the tastes and textures of many different countries. Children are encouraged to develop their awareness of right and wrong and there is a good behaviour policy in place to guide practice."

"Good, positive relationships have been established with parents, many of whom commented on the positive support given to them by nursery staff. Links with support agencies are good, with clear evidence of regular advice from the local advisory team. This is having a positive impact on many aspects of provision."

"The nursery is a warm and inviting place to be. Space in the various rooms is maximised to meet the needs of the children and to ensure that they benefit from a wide range of learning opportunities. A good level of training is offered to further develop staff skills. This has resulted in a high number of staff achieving good childcare qualifications."

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