Blue Windmill Nursery - Pre-School Education and Childcare Nurseries in Rugby, Warwickshire.

Meet the management

Gill is our Managing Director.

On leaving school she qualified through the Nursery Nursing Examination Board (NNEB) and has held childcare positions in a variety of settings. After a few years managing other nurseries, Gill moved into the Early Years Childcare Development Partnership and worked with Warwickshire County Council to advise nurseries in the Rugby area. Gill has an Honours degree from the Open University; in July 2007 she was awarded an MA in Childcare from Leicester University and in 2007 she became one of the first early years professionals in Warwickshire to be awarded the EYPS. Gill supervises the implementation of the Early Years Foundation Stage and is one of the designated persons for child protection and first aid.

Belinda is our Nursery Manager.

Belinda has worked with children and their families for over thirteen years and was awarded a Foundation Degree in Early Years by Leicester University in October 2007, followed by a BA (Hons) in Early Years Education Studies in October 2009. Belinda supervises the implementation of the Early Years Foundation Stage, is the designated member of staff for behaviour management, and is one of the designated persons for child protection and first aid.

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Blue Windmill Nursery, Rugby, Warwickshire - Professional Daycare and Pre-school Education for Babies, Toddlers, and Pre-School Children.

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